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Friday 30 March 2012

We've been playing about with paints for a while and have been coming up with some interesting effects.

Abstract plugs that resemble molten lava surrounding rocks.
  • Handmade and handpainted;
  • 316L Surgical Steel single flared plugs. 
  • 10mm (00g) with 12mm (1/2") clear, slightly-domed resin front flares. 
  • 10.5mm (3/8") long.
  • Reds, silvers and golds
These are really relaxing to make and we want to make more! Drop us a line if you fancy one or two of these, we can make these in a variety of colours.

Thursday 29 March 2012

These were meant to be something else. But they went green, which was a first. We've made things go yellow, snotty, explode and melt, but have never turned anything green before. It was quite impressive, and these plugs are quite impressive as well, they're like a planet filled with forests and treehouses and wookiees.
  • Handmade. 
  • 316L Surgical Steel single flared plugs. 
  • 16mm / 5/8" with ~17.5mm / 11/16" clear, slightly-domed resin front flares. 
  • 10mm / 3/8" long.
  •  Gorgeous green lushness. 
These are also quite possibly one-of-a-kind, but we're always up for crazy experiementation and will certainly try and make these again if there's any interest.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

A collection of colour and flashing holographic textures, all named after Hawkwind songs as we like plugs and like Hawkwind and wanted to combine the two.

Silver Machine: Silver holographic yumminess.
Aubergine That Ate Rangoon: Purple with slithers of prismatic oooooh.
Orgone Accumulator: Black with flashes of rainbows.

You can find videos of these and their holographic blinginess here.

These will all be properly available in the new shop from April 2 in sizes 4mm (6g) - 20mm (~3/4"), simply because we've run out of room on the current shop. Can't wait till then? Make a custom plug request.

Monday 26 March 2012

One of our original plans was to make gorgeous plugs that wouldn't break your heart if you lost them in a mosh-pit or a festival. These tick all our boxes -- they're hard-wearing (they can survive me and I'm really good at breaking stuff), lightweight, asthetically pleasing and most importantly cost-effective.

These are Skinfills.

They fit into certain types of silicone eyelets and tunnels and their purpose is to sit right there, in your ears, looking all lovely. They pop in and out easily enough, yet they don't fall out and can withstand motorcycle helmets and extended periods of headbanging. They've survived defenestrations, walls, sleeping, alcohol, showers, etc without batting an eyelid. They're not too keen on hair-dye, mind.

They will definitely fit into the silicone eyelets and tunnels we sell, and there is a possibility that they may fit other types as well.

We're introducing these as a prototype as they're currently 'structurally inelegant' but they look wonderful when worn and are comfy so there's no problem there. They just need refining, which we can't really invest in until we find out whether there is any interest in them. We'd also like to make them for a wider range of sizes and silicone tunnels, like the nice Kaos ones.

Photos do not do these plugs justice in any way, shape or form so we've uploaded some videos of these in action -- have a look at them on our YouTube channel. There's also a video of our Pink Rainbow Fabulous Flashers down below.

Skinfills are now available in the shop in sizes 8mm to 14mm from an introductory price of £3.50 each and you can find compatible silicone tunnels and eyelets here. We're open to making some in bigger sizes if you're interested.

We're also taking custom orders for these as well from an introductory price of £4.00 each, please make a custom request if there's something you'd like.

Sunday 25 March 2012

Inspired by cherry blossoms. Pink, green and purple iridescence.
  • Handmade.
  • 316L Surgical Steel
  • 10.5mm (3/8") or 12mm (1/2") long, depending on batch.
  • Slightly-domed, clear resin front flares.
  • Pink, glittery gorgeousness
These are available in sizes 6mm (2g) to 20mm (~3/4")  by custom request, and they'll be in the new shop from 2 April 2012.

Thursday 22 March 2012

It says 'one of a kind' in the title, but we're still working with woods behind the scenes and do plan to introduce our favourites in the future. We can reproduce this design in surgical steel for you -- please send us a custom request if this is the case.

They say a leopard can never change it's spots, but did you know that they can change colour? Well these leopard-print plugs do.

316L Surgical Steel.
Single flared.
10mm (00g) with 12mm (1/2") front flares.
12mm (1/2") long.
Slightly domed, clear front flares.
Change colour from red to gold, depending on light and angle.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

This is a purple version of our firepit plugs -- chock-full with purple, black and a spot of silver glitters and flakes.
  • Handmade.
  • 316L Surgical Steel.
  • Double-flared with 20mm (3/4") slightly domed, resin front flares.
  • 10.5mm (~3/8" long.)
  • Glitterfeste.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

It's Tuesday, we've finished watching the first series of 'Bad Girls', and the sun is shining, which means it's time for some new plugs for you.

Acid Insect Wings: An acidic yellow with toxic lime green flashes and a gold-to-green colour-shifting shimmer.
Pastel Insect Wings: Pale insect wings with flashes of pastel green, purple and orange.
Blackberry Pie Insect Wings: A colour-shifting combination of purple, orange and green.

These will all be properly available in the new shop from April 2 in sizes 6mm (2g) - 20mm (~3/4"), simply because we've run out of room on the current shop. Can't wait till then? Make a custom plug request.

Friday 16 March 2012

We found a new way to make the Supernova Remnants explode, and now they come out even prettier and multi-dimensional. Wahey!


Shimmering supernova remnant overlying a small area of glittery starry space.
  • Handmade. 
  • 316L Surgical Steel 
  • Domed clear resin front flares.
  • 10.5mm (3/8")or 12mm (1/2") long, depending on batch. 
  • Space. It's ace.

The wonderous bling of Bet Lynch made for your lobes. If these plugs worked behind a bar, they would serve the best pint ever.
  • Handmade and handpainted.
  • 316L Surgical Steel
  • 10.5mm (3/8") or 12mm (1/2") long, depending on batch.
  • Slightly-domed, clear resin front flares.
  • Shimmering gold metallic yumminess.

Named by the client who requested these -- thank you, client :)

Tuesday 13 March 2012

I love these constellation custom plug requests -- thank you for these, requester! :)

A pair of constellation plugs with BIG front flares. They feature shimmering nebulae with constellations that look remarkarbly like R2D2 doing his thang, and C3PO looking slightly alarmed at an approaching Imperial Star Destroyer. 
  • Handmade.
  • 316L Surgical Steel.
  • Single-flared with 10mm / 3/8" slightly domed, resin front flares.
  • 10.5mm / ~3/8" long.
  • These are the droids you're looking for.

We've been experimenting and playing with things behind the scenes, and have come up with some fabby new feasts of colour and shinyness.

First lot of fabby colour and shinyness is the rest of the 'Park' series of plugs. We started a while back with a picture of a Lake District woodland in the autumn, which gave us the luvverly Autumn Park plugs, and wanted to represent the three other seasons with glorious splashes of iridescent colours. How did we do?

Winter Park: A cold, frozen environment. Blues shift from a silvery hue to a deep blue.
Spring Park: Inspired by cherry blossoms. Pink, green and purple iridescence.
Summer Park: A lush, green growth of glittery foliage.

These will all be properly available in the new shop from April 2 in sizes 4mm (6g) - 20mm (~3/4"), simply because we've run out of room on the current shop. Can't wait till then? Make a custom plug request.

Monday 12 March 2012

Cufflinks. They're my 2nd favourite accessory, next to plugs, and I like my cuffs to co-ordinate with my ears.

Photos are a bit dark due to a bit of a lighting fail :(

They're for sale on our Etsy and will also be available in the new shop from April 2, and if no-one buys them I get to keep them \o/ It's win win!

Friday 9 March 2012

Shall we have just a quick butchers at the Version 3 Space is Deep plugs?

These are being made with new materials (the old ones weren't getting along all that swimmingly with our new resins) and they're coming out absolutely beautifully. Photos make them look a little flat and boring, which they're not, they came out blooming fab.

More stars and nebulas, this time in pink and purple
  • Handmade.
  • 316L Surgical Steel
  • 10.5mm (3/8") or 12mm (1/2") long, depending on batch.
  • Slightly-domed, clear resin front flares.
  • Nebulae subtley change colour depending on light and angle.

We're making these by request at the moment -- please make a custom order if you'd like to buy a pair.

Monday 5 March 2012

OK, we've been thinking, which can be dangerous, but not this time.

We're spending more and more time making plugs, which is still fab and lovely and all that, but it's now come to the point where we can't fit it all in with our other commitments. Something needs to give.

And my work contract ends at the end of March. So there was a bit of a choice to face here -- sign on and probably stack shelves as Tesco to keep it all ticking along on a hobby basis, or become a full-time business. We've decided to risk going for the business, and we will be starting our trading proper on 2 April 2012.

What does this mean for you? Let's do this horrible stuff first. There would be ~£1.50 price rise -- to put it into perspective, what you'll be paying for a pair of plugs will be around the material costs and a cup of coffee (nice coffee).

Postage will either go up or down, depending where you are, to a £2.95 flat rate. UK orders over £20 will be free, and International orders over £25 will be sent by Priority (selected countries only).

This does go against our original project model, which was to provide the world with plugs at cost price. We found it a relaxing hobby, helpful for destressing from our stressful jobs. However, we have far less people participating in this project than we used to and circumstances have forced our hand a bit.

There's good stuff, well, we're making a bigger and better shop that will have more products, wishlists, reward points, Google Checkout, automatic currency conversions and (at some point) the much-requested gift vouchers. We'll also be able to keep more sizes and materials in stock, which will hopefully reduce turnaround time for custom orders. Not only that, but we'll be able to stock lovely plugs by other manufacturers.

It's pretty cool that we've come to this point, as Team Impaler projects normally last about six months before they're given up on -- Project Lovely Plugly has been ticking along for nearly a year now, we've really developed our products and learnt an awful lot about all sorts of things. Including yacht making, which I'm sure will come in handy one day.

tl:dr We're ready to come out of our public beta now, prices will go up, please still love us :)

Love from,

Lovely Plugly

Thursday 1 March 2012

We're still fiddling with databases and scripts and stuff for our New New Olde Plug Shoppe, we're still making plugs (and will be expanding our range with some more nice things, more details soon), and we're even more cream-crackered.

We've also been enjoying the BBC series 'Being Human' from the beginning.

Here's some new plugs.

14mm (9/16) Bits of Alderaan Plugs 316L Surgical Steel Single Flared

"Our position is correct, except … no Alderaan!" - Han Solo

Rocky, iridescent plugs that look like they've recently been blown to bits by a mighty space station.

  • Handmade.
  • 316L Surgical Steel
  • 10.5 mm (3/8") long.
  • Slightly-domed, clear resin front flares.
  • Colours flash from orange to green.
Please make a custom request if you would you like these plugs as a single or in a different size (we generally do 6mm (2g) to 20mm (~3/4")).