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Tuesday 12 April 2016

We've been making danglies and hangies for a while, but wanted something a bit heavier to hang from our ears. We came up with these Chandelier Gemstone weights.

These chandeliers for tunnels are made with love and come chock-full of shiny stone in various colours. The metal bits are silver-plated, lead-free and nickel-free, and the hooks are made from flexible polymer clay and polyurethane, coloured to match the stone. They're made to fit in thin-walled tunnels size 10mm / 00g and over, are sold in pairs and are ready-to-ship, either from our shop or our Etsy.

We're not taking custom orders on these for the foreseeable future, so each one is one of a kind -- grab them while they're hot!

Thursday 7 April 2016

We've been really busy over the past few months, what with it going all a bit mental over Christmas and being a wee bit short-staffed for a while, so we've not long had some time to develop new products for your earholes. We've since got access to new toys and new materials, and are having a great time playing about with them, and we've even managed to come out with some plugs.

Let's start off with our new 3D flower plugs. These are available in a variety of metallic colours, and come in sizes:
  • 8mm / 0g, 
  • 9mm / 1g, 
  • 10mm / 00g, 
  • 11mm / 7/16", 
  • 12mm / 1/2" Small, 
  • 13mm / 1/2", 
  • 14mm / 9/16", 
  • 16mm / 5/8", 
  • 18mm / 11/16", 
  • 19mm / 3/4" and 
  • 20mm / 3/4" Big. 
We may be able to go bigger on these as well, please contact us for further details.

You can find these in our shop or our Etsy.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

We'll be doing maintenance and things with both this blog and the shop over the next couple of days, so if it looks weird / broken or doesn't work at all, then please try again later.

***UPDATE*** The blog is finished for now, but I've had to take the mobile blog down temporarily until I remember how I did the mobile-site-breaking thing I did, like, three years ago. It'll come to me at three o'clock in the morning, no doubt.

In the meantime, if you have any problems with this version of the site it then please contact us. The shop will be done tomorrow, hopefully.

***ANOTHER UPDATE*** Shop appears to be finished, but if it looks a bit odd to begin with then try refreshing the page a couple of times. If that doesn't work, or you find something else that is broken, then please contact us.