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Tuesday 9 July 2019

We're continuing on with our quest to upgrade to plugs with more colour and more shiny, and our Alien Skin textured faux dichro plugs were the next in line.

Alien skin plugs now have a more luminous effect; they're not glow in the dark or anything like that, they're just more, well, oooomphy these days. We've added a few more varieties of colour as well, and their names just have numbers instead of being part-named after old Pink Floyd songs. However, we have had to let go of the of Alien Skin (Small Furry Creatures) plugs, but they will make a sort of return in the near future in a different form. But, all is not lost; if you really needed a pair, or replacement for one you've lost, then please make a Special Order and we'll get onto that for you.

Alien Skin Textured Faux Dichroic Plugs GaugesAnyway, the new plugs! Here is a quick list of links to their respective listings over at plug and ear weights shop.

Alien Skin 01 Purple Green Textured Faux Dichro Plugs
Alien Skin 02 Pink Orange Rainbow Textured Faux Dichro Plugs
Alien Skin 03 Lime Green Blue Textured Faux Dichro Plugs
Alien Skin 04 Purple Rainbow Textured Faux Dichro Plugs
Alien Skin 05 Blue Copper Purple Textured Faux Dichro Plugs
Alien Skin 06 Red Rainbow Textured Faux Dichro Plugs

You can also get these at our Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon Handmade shops.

As you can see, they come in six different colour combos, and are listed at sizes 8mm - 25mm (8mm - 16mm at Ebay), single or double flared. They're listed in 316L surgical steel, but we can go bigger, or make them in titanium or wood via the good old Special Orders form. The backs of the plugs are colour-matched the base colour of the fronts, and are opaque and slightly-domed, so you've got two plugs in one if you get double flareds, which is always nice.