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Saturday 24 November 2012

We have some new additions to the shop. They're not shiny products made of gorgeousness for your ears, but functional things made of php. Most of these are all for the main shop only, the mobile shop will be catching up at some point next year.

First up - reviews (main site only). You can now review a purchased product for 10 Reward Points to put towards future purchases. If you include a link* to a nice, clear pic of yourself wearing your plugs/earstuds/whathaveyou then you get an extra 10 Reward Points.

Videos are now displayed with product images on the product page (items with videos, anyway).

Mobile and main site - we've also added a 'Make A Custom Request' button on each product. If there's an item you see that isn't in your size or preferred colour, or you want to know whether some custom artwork will work, then press the button and fill in the form.

Navigation buttons to flick through products, instead of perusing through the category page. Might put a nice swooshy interface on these for you tablet users but that's a next year thing.

There's some other bits as well not worthy of a paragraph, like a random product thingy, special offer dooberry, for example. Mobile search works again, too. Sorry to babble, we're just pleased that its all pretty much finally done after trying to get it all together for so long :D

*We were going to have an image uploader but experience has taught us that if you put an image uploader on the internet it will be ... abused. We recommend for your image-hosting needs, but you can use anyone you want, as long as we can download it and pop it on our server :)

Any probs with the site then please contact us - hello (at) lovelyplugly (dot) co (dot) uk

Thursday 22 November 2012

Hello bloggy pluggy people! We were going to have a Black Friday 10% off sale thingy, but thought that a Purple Friday sale with 15% off everything* would be nicer.

See that discount coupon code on your right? Well, it can't iron or make the tea, but it can be used on and our Etsy shop for a lovely 15% off discount. It's valid from Friday 23 November to Monday 26 November 2012.

It'll also give you a further 15% off our Plug O' The Month, the lovely Ice Planet of Hoth Plug, so there's some nice savings there. And that's it. Coupon codes aren't very interesting to write about, unless they make the tea.

*offer excludes Gift Vouchers

Saturday 17 November 2012

Been waiting for years and years for Black Mesa to come out, and was well chuffed when it finally got released but, sadly, due to a lack of time, I have been unable to actually play it. Have managed to install it, mind, and make some new plugs named after the first level -- Anomalous Materials.

The administrator is very concerned that we get a conclusive analysis of this sample. I gather they went to some length to get it.
  • Handmade.
  • Available in 10mm (00g) - 30mm (1-3/16").
  • 316L Surgical Steel
  • 10.5mm (3/8") or 12mm (1/2") long, depending on batch.
  • Domed RESIN front flare.
  • Iridescent rainbows flash underneath iridescent rock.
Available in pink and blue versions, they're waiting for you. In the test chamber shop ...