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Thursday 15 August 2013

Danglies / Hangies for Tunnels / Eyelets
Many moons ago, when Sue and I were young, impressionable and unable to get our ears pierced because our parents wouldn't let us, we made clip-on earrings with various bits and bobs in an attempt to look cool.

We failed.

A lot of years later, after some reminiscing, boozy chat and looking through old photos, we decided that we should bring back our dodgy clip-on earrings, but this time in the form of something that was made for tunnels and eyelets as we both like to wear dangly things through eyelets, but got fed up with them getting caught in our hair and falling into our soup on a date, that sort of thing. After much experimenting, broken and split nails, and sore fingerness, we came up with a design for dangles we were all happy with. Hurray!

Ear Dangles for Tunnels/Eyelets are now available in the shop -- each type will be available in limited numbers to begin with, but we should be able to take custom orders, use different metals and make larger batches in the future. They're most suitable for tunnels/eyelets 8mm (0g) and up, but we are working on getting these to work with smaller sizes too, so keep your eyes peeled 8)