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Thursday 14 March 2013

Photon plugs. We've had them in the shop for a while and have decided that we love them very, very much, so much that I am writing about them instead of flinging people about in Mass Effect 3*.

We're still working on colour-combos for these, but these are what we've come up with so far .... please bear in mind that the photos do not do these plugs justice as they're very dynamic and we have a dodgy photographer.

Photon (Red Blue Green)
These babies have glorious flashes of blue, teal and green that contrast against the translucent red backs. My favourites <3 Video here.

Photon (Blue Green Purple)
 These Photons sport translucent purple backs and complimentary blue and green flashes. These are subtle than the Red Photons, but still pack a visual punch of colour. Video here.

Photon (Yellow Blue Purple)
Blue and electric purple flashes over a cheery translucent yellow background. Edd's fav and, despite not liking yellow all that much, I really like these and have worn them an awful lot. No video yet :(

Photons are available in the shop now from size 5mm / 4g up to 24mm / ~1" Small. Fancy a colour that we don't currently make? Contact us and we'll see what we can do :)

*Bit bored, near the end, does it get any better?