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Tuesday 22 May 2012

We've been adding a few more items to our little Custom Plug department, and can now offer Nice Nebula and Space is Deep plugs in the flares and two colours of your choice.

Now, we've been asked a few time what the differences between Nice Nebulas and Space is Deep plugs are, because they are pretty similar, yet quite different at the same time. Pics have Nice Nebula on the left, Space is Deep on the right.

These are a cut-down, lighter version of our Space is Deep plugs, hence them being a quid cheaper. Content-wise, they're just one layer of nebulae with the usual stars.

Nice Nebulas are available in all sizes from 6mm /2g and up, and look pretty with all types of front flare.

These consist of layered nebulae and stars, are prettier than the Nice Nebulas but come up a bit heavier than our other plugs.

We can make these from sizes 8mm / 0g and up, but they may get heavy at around the 20mm / ~3/4" mark. These look best with domed flares, and don't work at all with concave flares :(

And introducing ... CODENAME: NEBULOUS

Might keep the Nebulous name, might not. Anyho, these are just simple, iridescent nebula -- you may recognise these if you've bought a pair of space-like plugs from us in the past couple of months as we've been decorating the rears with these.

We've had some enquiries about adding these to the Lovely Plugly plug family, and, yeah, we think that we'll be doing these as fully-customisable plugs, with your choice of colours and flares. Might even be able to get these down to 5mm / 4g. Coming soon, anyway.

Special thanks to our custom requester for giving us this educational opportunity :)

Wednesday 16 May 2012

We've been playing about with types of front flares for quite a while now, but were limited by our old shop and couldn't fit them in :( Now we've got the big shop it's time for these different flare-types to go into the big wide world.

We'll go from left to right here ...

These have slightly-domed fronts, much the same as our bog-standard plugs, except the front flare on this is a couple of mm bigger, giving the illusion that you're a size bigger. Which is nice if you want bigger plugs but can't go up a size due to work, family, what-have-you.

IMPORTANT: We do NOT recommend you wear these if you have any allergies to acrylic or resins.

These are currently available for sizes 3mm / 8g up to 16mm / 11/16", with larger sizes coming along soon.

Domed for nice, magnifying effects :3 These are the standard flares that we've been making for ages and ages -- if you've purchased a pair of plugs from us before they would have these flares on.

Available from size 3mm / 8g up to 30mm / 1-3/16".

It's hard writing things about flares, it's even harder trying to make them sound interesting as they won't give you super-powers, or find your keys or do the housework for you. So we'll just say that these flares are flat on the front, none of that doming nonsense here, and they look very nice.

Available from size 3mm / 8g up to 30mm / 1-3/16".


These plugs have their shiny contents set deep within the plug and have fabby concave fronts, great if you fancy something a little bit different.

Available from size 10mm / 00g up to 30mm / 1-3/16". We'll probably be able to do 8mm / 0g as well, really.

We'll be adding these flare types as an option to most of our plugs in the shop, but if you see something in the shop that hasn't got the flare-type you want then please feel free to send us a custom request :)

Tuesday 15 May 2012

G'wan ... give these a home.

These aren't real bits of moon rock, they're an 'artist's abstract impression of moon rock'.

Slighty reduced as there was a tiny little renegade-glitter-incident -- one plug has a piece of green microglitter and the other has a few bits of blue interference micro glitter (hmph, not even matching). They don't show that much unless the light really catches them, and even then they're not too bad.
  • Handmade and handpainted.
  • 316L Surgical Steel.
  • 20mm (~3/4") with 22mm (7/8") clear, slightly-domed resin front flares.
  • 10.5mm (3/8") long
  • Like moons in your lobes.
You can buy this particular pair from our shop or on Etsy for £13.50 -- they're ready now and can't wait to pose happily in someone's ears.

Need a different size or different flares? Double flares and sizes 6mm / 2g up to 30mm / 1-3/16"are available from our shop and there's a few sizes on Etsy, as well as faux plugs.

Friday 4 May 2012

Keyboard update -- space bar has settled, keyboard now makes an annoying, slightly high-pitched sound whenever I type.
Abstract moon painted in the style of a Pokeball.

Handmade and handpainted.
316L Surgical Steel.
Single flared with clear resin front flares.
10.5mm (3/8") or 12mm (1/2") long, depending on batch.
That's no moon, that's a Pokemoon.

Available from our shop in sizes 8mm / 0g up to 30mm / 1-3/16".

Thursday 3 May 2012

My space bar is on the way out and I just felt the need to quickly complain about having to smack it with the force of 1,000,000 elephants before swiftly moving on to the main topic ...

So, yes, we've revamped the Glitter Pick N Mix a wee bit and it's now available to those of you who like plugs from size 6mm / 2g up to 30mm / 1-3/16", as well as faux plugs. You can now quickly select what base you would like, pick a print to go over it then we'll make you a nice 316L surgical steel plug of you choices. Simple as that. 

Here are the bases and prints that are currently available for mixing and matching. We'll be adding on to these until it all gets out of control like it usually does.

Don't see what you want? Send us a custom request and we'll see what we can do :)

At some point I have to learn Flash and do a nice, interactive thingee that'll show off your customisations live, but I've been putting off learning Flash since the turn of the century and it seems a good job for the Padawan.

Tuesday 1 May 2012

We thought that we'd put some different types of faux plugs through some gruelling testing. They've been worn constantly, slept in, showered in, dropped in hot tea -- we're not very nice to our test subjects, really.

We've been "simulating the continous dropping of jewellery onto a hard stone floor", but maybe got a bit over-zealous with the amount of force applied as we've managed to bend a few, as seen on the photo on the right. They're made of surgical steel, which is a bit of a git to bend at the best of time, so this bending was quite impressive, as was the toughness of the fronts \o/

We were so heavy-handed that one of them even snapped at the base and can't be used for testing anymore (the fronts are fine, mind, just a bit tatty round the edges from being beaten into submission).

Farewell, test Ice Planet of Hoth faux plug, we'll miss ya, little fella.