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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Nice Nebula, Space is Deep - FIGHT!

We've been adding a few more items to our little Custom Plug department, and can now offer Nice Nebula and Space is Deep plugs in the flares and two colours of your choice.

Now, we've been asked a few time what the differences between Nice Nebulas and Space is Deep plugs are, because they are pretty similar, yet quite different at the same time. Pics have Nice Nebula on the left, Space is Deep on the right.

These are a cut-down, lighter version of our Space is Deep plugs, hence them being a quid cheaper. Content-wise, they're just one layer of nebulae with the usual stars.

Nice Nebulas are available in all sizes from 6mm /2g and up, and look pretty with all types of front flare.

These consist of layered nebulae and stars, are prettier than the Nice Nebulas but come up a bit heavier than our other plugs.

We can make these from sizes 8mm / 0g and up, but they may get heavy at around the 20mm / ~3/4" mark. These look best with domed flares, and don't work at all with concave flares :(

And introducing ... CODENAME: NEBULOUS

Might keep the Nebulous name, might not. Anyho, these are just simple, iridescent nebula -- you may recognise these if you've bought a pair of space-like plugs from us in the past couple of months as we've been decorating the rears with these.

We've had some enquiries about adding these to the Lovely Plugly plug family, and, yeah, we think that we'll be doing these as fully-customisable plugs, with your choice of colours and flares. Might even be able to get these down to 5mm / 4g. Coming soon, anyway.

Special thanks to our custom requester for giving us this educational opportunity :)