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Wednesday 4 December 2013

I'm not normally one to blow my own trumpet, but these Detector plugs are awesome. Yummy. They're my (new) favourites and I like to post about them, as well as wear them. They're excellent posing-plugs, and right up your street if you like wearing plugs that make you spend time admiring your ears in a mirror.

I'm not the only one who does that, surely?

Anyway, these particular plugs have deep, interlaced, iridescent sparks of blues and pale teals (with a spot of gold at certain angles), set against a translucent purple background. They were inspired by a dark matter detector, but have the advantage of not needing to be buried deep underground or containing xenon. Which is always nice.

We are currently making these in 10mm - 20mm (single flared and double flared), and they're available as ready-made plugs here, and preorder plugs here. We should be able to go larger on these, but this is on a case-by-case basis, so please make a custom request if you want bigger and we'll see what we can do :)

Sunday 1 December 2013

Shipping deadline dates for Christmas 2013 are:

Friday 20 December: UK 
Monday 9 December:  Europe 
Friday 6 December: USA, Canada, Australia, Rest of the World

We will be closed for CUSTOM ORDERS and PREORDERS from Monday 23 December - Monday 6 January 2014. We'll still be taking them through the shop and our Etsy, but they won't be processed until we open again. Having said that, I'll probably get bored with me two weeks off and process them beforehand.

We'll still be posting things out in this closed period, so feel free to purchase many, many ready-made items :)

Have a good 'un xxx

Monday 14 October 2013

Interstellar Overdrive Faux Dichro Colour-Shifting PlugsThese aren't actually new, they've been about for ages, but I've appeared to have neglected to blog about them. Poor plugs, all forgotten :'(

So, yes, Interstellar Overdrive plugs are chock-full of colour-shifting particles, like travelling though a stellar globular cluster at warp speed. Wahey! The colours change depending on light and angle, and they come in a variety of different colour combos -- blue to purple (pictured top-right), red to gold and purple to green-gold.

These plugs are available in sizes 6mm up to 24mm and are currently made-to-order (though I have it on good authority that the blue to purples will be in stock very soon).

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Subspace Purple Rainbow Iridescent Faux Dichro Plugs
Need something purple, but with bright flashing sparks of rainbow? These Subspace Purple Rainbow plugs, they're what you need.

We used to make these a while back, but stopped after a couple of pairs as the colour, although splendid, wasn't right. We've since developed these and use different materials and now they're all lovely :)

These are available as ready-made plugs for now in sizes 8mm (0g) up to 20mm (~3/4"), but if you want a pair in a slightly bigger size or different flare-type, then please contact us (there will be a custom listing up at the end of October).

Thursday 15 August 2013

Danglies / Hangies for Tunnels / Eyelets
Many moons ago, when Sue and I were young, impressionable and unable to get our ears pierced because our parents wouldn't let us, we made clip-on earrings with various bits and bobs in an attempt to look cool.

We failed.

A lot of years later, after some reminiscing, boozy chat and looking through old photos, we decided that we should bring back our dodgy clip-on earrings, but this time in the form of something that was made for tunnels and eyelets as we both like to wear dangly things through eyelets, but got fed up with them getting caught in our hair and falling into our soup on a date, that sort of thing. After much experimenting, broken and split nails, and sore fingerness, we came up with a design for dangles we were all happy with. Hurray!

Ear Dangles for Tunnels/Eyelets are now available in the shop -- each type will be available in limited numbers to begin with, but we should be able to take custom orders, use different metals and make larger batches in the future. They're most suitable for tunnels/eyelets 8mm (0g) and up, but we are working on getting these to work with smaller sizes too, so keep your eyes peeled 8)

Tuesday 30 July 2013

These plugs were inspired by the dragonflies that occasionally fly around the pond in the garden. We loved the way their wings lit up with colour when the light hit them, so began our plans to reproduce the effect for your ear holes. After much sampling and fiddling about, we came up with Dragonfly Wing plugs in sizes 8mm (0g) to 20mm (~3/4") and in three different varieties:

Dragonfly Wings Iridescent Colour Shifting Faux Dichro Plugs
These plugs are transparent with gorgeous flashes of blue, green and ripples of purple. There's also some golden yellow in there when the light hits them right, in fact, there's too much colour for text and pictures to describe.*

Dragonfly Wings Iridescent Colour Shifting Faux Dichro Plugs
Again, these are colourful beasts, slightly transparent with flashes of purple, bronze, green and rainbow. Awful photograph (must sort that out with the next batch), so here's a nice Instagram pic of one sitting in a tree.
Dragonfly Wings Iridescent Colour Shifting Faux Dichro Plugs
These ones are pretty cor blimey gunvor, bright contrasting colours of blue, teal and pinky orange flash away merrily in your ears. The colours were based on the Newsnight logo, but we called them Tropical as you don't get many dragonflies being interrogated by Paxman.

These have been going like hotcakes, so get some in before we run out of the lovely stuff that makes them lovely. Should also have some Pond varieties in as ready-made stock very soon.

*(This is the case with all the Dragonfly Wing plugs, you do need to see them in the flesh).

Thursday 25 July 2013

We've been enjoying some lovely weather as of late, and have been sitting out in the garden enjoying the balmy evenings, copious amounts of coffee and gorgeous sunsets. This inspired us to make a collection of plugs based on the beautiful colours we have seen in various sunsets around the world. They're there, on the right, sitting on a motorbike because that is the only place I could get a half-decent photo of them. They look much more awesome in real life, mind.

These colours in these plugs are hard to describe as they're so dynamic, indeed, we found it hard to name them so we gave them numbers instead. I'll give you a quick run-down of the basic colours ...

Sunset No 2 - Pinky purple with flashes of rainbow.

Sunset No 7 - Purple with flashes of green and rainbow.

Sunset No 9 - Blues, aquas, teals, greens and yellows.

Sunset No 21 - Earthy flashes of orange, pink and blue.

Sunset No 22 -Reddy-pink with flashes of teal and green

Sunset No 24 - Pinky with flashes of teal and blue.

Sunset Plugs are available for pre-order in the shop now in sizes 8mm / 0g up to 20mm / ~3/4" (bigger sizes coming soon). They take up to 14 days to make but I'm sure that there will be some ready-made ones available for purchase very, very soon.

Sunsets Faux Dichro Colour-Flash Multichromatic Plugs
Sunsets Faux Dichro Colour-Flash Multichromatic Plugs

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Stained Glass Style Artwork Custom Plugs
We love stained glass, and wanted our own sorta stained glass, with pictures of nice things, bright colours and light. This is how our Stained Glass Style Custom Artwork plugs came about.

These plugs work best with simple artwork with bold, black outlines and blocks of lovely colour. We can not reproduce white at the moment (this comes up as transparent) but our plug-making elves are working on this as I type. Whether they will succced or not is a different story, but we can hope :)

These are fully-filled and do come up a bit heavier than our usual custom artwork plugs (incidentally, these are also fully filled, but we lighten the load on them. There's a plug weight/mass chart here). 

Stained Glass Style Custom Artwork plugs are available from this listing in sizes 10mm / 00g up to 30mm / 1-3/16". We could also do 8mm / 0g but this would depend on the artwork, so you're probably better off making a custom request on the product page if you fancy some in this size.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Now that I've finished my Roy Orbison moment, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of our Lovely Plugly is 2 Giveaway \o/

Amber T
Sara M
Hannah S

Each winner has been contacted by email and they have won a £25, £15 and £10 gift voucher respectively. Huzzah!

Our Fairy Plug Mother also assures us that there will be another giveaway on our Instagram popping up over the next couple of days, so watch out for that one :)

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Fancy winning some Lovely Plugly Gift Vouchers? It's our 2nd birthday and we thought we'd spread the lurve by giving away gift vouchers worth £25, £15 and £10 for three winners.

It's easy enough to enter, simply Like Lovely Plugly on Facebook.
IMPORTANT: Your entry MUST be logged into the Rafflecopter widget below or it won't count :(

Giveaway starts 12.01 AM EST 25 June 2013 and ends 12.01 AM EST 02 July 2013
Winners will be picked randomly by the Rafflecopter widget, and contacted by email.
Winner will be announced on our Facebook page, blog and shop via the Rafflecopter widget, so keep your eyes peeled to see if you are a winner!
You MUST register your entry with the Rafflecopter widget below, or your liking and/or posting won't count :(
DULLUPGRADESPOST (you're probably better off scrolling down to the bottom TBH).

A while back I said that I'll add a bit of a swooshy interface to the mobile shop. Well, it's there now, kind of. Was hoping to swoosh through products and categories, but it didn't work out (yet) so I have abused the swipeyness in other various ways. These are all mobile shop only things (unless otherwise stated, though if these features work out then they'll quite possibly make their way to the standard shop too).

First up is the new product picker, found on the home page. You can idly swoosh (or tap) through jewellery types, sizes, design types or colours here, which will give you a nice selection of shiny things that match your style.

Next up is the ability to swipe/tap through sizes on the category page instead of having all those oogly buttons. No more to say about that really ...

And finally, we have a swooshy option picker on the product page. This allows you to luxuriously swipe (or tap) through the various options, like colours and flare-type, instead of having them STARING YOU IN THE FACE ALL AT ONE OH HELLO.  Bit more manageable.

Think I've got it out of my system now, can't think of anything else to swipe :)

I've also done stuff with the search function (mobile and standard shop), as it had trouble with finding products by size, which was just silly. This has now been fixed and you can search by either metric mm or imperial inches to your heart's content.

Dullpost over. We've tested these features out with no problems on quite a few devices, but there's always one or two devices that make strange things happen. If you have any problems with the mobile site or search, then please let us know by our contact form here or by email -- hello (at) lovelyplugly (dot) co (dot) uk.

I haven't finished Mass Effect 3 yet, BTW.

Friday 21 June 2013

These plugs were inspired by, as the name suggests, fruit and jelly. The jellyfish part came about completely by accident and it all turned out so AWESOME that we decided to develop them into the colourful wee beasties you can see pictured there, on the right. Pictures do not do these justice at all -- the pictures don't bring out the translucency, iridescence, glittery bits and bobs, and they just look a bit flat in the photos <dodgy photographer />

Fruity Jellyfish plugs are available here in five fruity colour combos , with custom colours options coming along soon. You can get these in sizes 10mm / 00g up to 20mm / ~3/4, maybe we get them up to 24mm / 1" Small at some point as well.

Monday 3 June 2013

Must have been on slightly destructive one or had an argument when we named these particular plugs ...

Pictured Top
Black and two disintergrating pearlescent colours of your choice, and you can get them from this link (ones pictured are green and purple, and they have their own listing here).

Pictured Bottom
Natural translucent and two dissolving pearlescent colours of your choice, giving it a gorgeous, layered stone effect, available here. The ones pictured are pink and black, and these also have their own listing here.

Both these types of plugs are in the shop now, and are available with the following colours: Black, White, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Yellow, Red and Orange, Gold, Silver and Copper, and in sizes 8mm / 0g up to 24mm / 1" Small. Go here if you like Disintergration and here if you fancy Dissolution.

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Implosions, they're deadly and terrifyingly scary, yet beautiful at the same. We wanted to recreate the effect of an implosion in glorious technicolour that lacked the nasty, destructive qualities but looked nice in an earlobe.

After much material-fiddling, our Implosion plugs were born. These babies are transparent, deep-filled with splattery implosions of colour, and come in a wide variety of your choice of colours. 

Implosion plugs are available in sizes 8mm / 0g up to 22mm / 7/8"  from this listing here, and we'll also be keeping a stock of ready-to-ship blue and purple Implosion plugs here (pictured below) with more ready-made colour-combos coming soon. We can also make these in bigger sizes; they do come up a bit heavy but please feel free to make a custom request on the product page if your size is not currently listed.

Sunday 26 May 2013

The sun is out (temporarily, it'll be cloudy tomorrow), which means it's time for lazing about in the garden enjoying summer fruits in a jug of Pimms, and these new additions to the Fruity Sherbet plugs family.

First off all, we have the Grapefruit Sherbet plug, with its contrasting flashes of tangy orange and leafy green over a pink translucent background. And then there's Grape Sherbet plug that sports flashes of deep blues and purples over a translucent background. 

Both of these new plugs are pictured upper right, posing away with the perennial favourite, Strawberry Sherbet (pink/blue/purple). Also looking for your attention are the oldies but goodies - Apple Sherbet (clear/green/blue), Blackcurrant Sherbet (mauve/blue/teal) and the original Lemon Sherbet (yellow/green/orange) plugs, and they're all pictured over there, bottom right.

Fruity Sherbet plugs are available as made-to-order plugs here, with a choice of front types, flare types and colours, in sizes 8mm / 0g up to 20mm / ~3/4" (bigger sizes coming soon).


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Our escapades with faux stone continue, with these red, translucent plugs with iridescent flashes of blue and a bit of purple and gold, too. 

These look gorgeous in real life but are yet another design that we can't get good pictures of. The pic on the top is Instagrammed with the phonecam, rubbish but brings out the blues the best. Bottom pic was done in light box with a slightly better camera and shows off the reds.

We'll be trying to keep a ready-to-go stock of these here, but if your size isn't available then these are also available here (6mm (2g) up to 20mm(~3/4")). Bigger sizes and different translucent colours available soon :)

Sunday 5 May 2013

I like making fake rocks. Normally, I would make big ones out of concrete, chicken wire, rubble and acrylic paint and stick them out in the garden, but it's getting pretty full out there now and I'd quite like a veggie patch, so we thought we'd concentrate our efforts on little things and make faux-stone plugs.

These particular plugs have a silvery cracked, veiny faux stone underneath a smooth resin top, and are available in two different varieties - Electric (Teal to Deep Blue colour-shifting) and Rusty Moss (Deep Orange to Green colour-shifting). There'll be more colours to come in the future, we're just waiting for some cool beans to turn up :)

The ones pictured have flat front flares (these look nicer and more 'natural'), but are also available with domed fronts as well (brings out the colour-shift a bit more).

Both the Electric and Rusty Moss Shimmer Stones are available in the shop at 10mm (00g) up to 24mm (1" Small), and we'll be working on getting these out in bigger sizes at some point in the future.

Thursday 14 March 2013

Photon plugs. We've had them in the shop for a while and have decided that we love them very, very much, so much that I am writing about them instead of flinging people about in Mass Effect 3*.

We're still working on colour-combos for these, but these are what we've come up with so far .... please bear in mind that the photos do not do these plugs justice as they're very dynamic and we have a dodgy photographer.

Photon (Red Blue Green)
These babies have glorious flashes of blue, teal and green that contrast against the translucent red backs. My favourites <3 Video here.

Photon (Blue Green Purple)
 These Photons sport translucent purple backs and complimentary blue and green flashes. These are subtle than the Red Photons, but still pack a visual punch of colour. Video here.

Photon (Yellow Blue Purple)
Blue and electric purple flashes over a cheery translucent yellow background. Edd's fav and, despite not liking yellow all that much, I really like these and have worn them an awful lot. No video yet :(

Photons are available in the shop now from size 5mm / 4g up to 24mm / ~1" Small. Fancy a colour that we don't currently make? Contact us and we'll see what we can do :)

*Bit bored, near the end, does it get any better?

Friday 8 February 2013

New in the shop -- Oil and Water plugs. These aren't literally made of oil and water, they're abstract plugs that give the effect of bits of oil on deep blue water. They also sport a spectacular light-blue flash when the light hit's them right. Lovely jubbly.

These are available in the shop now :) You can find the ready-made Oil and Water plugs here (6mm / 2g - 18mm / 11/16" single flared) or, if you want different flares or different sizes (up to 30mm / 1-3/16"), you can get 'em from this listing.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

We often get asked, "Hello Lovely Plugly, what are the differences between the Entanglement and Subspace plugs?" so I thought that I'd do a little comparison thing.

Subspace Plugs (above left):
Densely packed fine sparks of colour, almost like electricity coursing through the plug. Backs are generally translucent (unless you want black). These are more bubbly than the Entanglement ones due to the way the materials interact with each other (lots of degassing, bubbles get caught). There's a video of one here that shows off the sparkle.

Entanglement Plugs (above right):
These have fatter sparks of colour layered throughout the plug, almost like glitter, but not glitter as I am trying to cut down (it gets everywhere and there's no getting away from it, it's like a Kardashian). Not as dense as the Subspace plugs, so more of the rear, translucent colour shows through. Pictures make them look a bit boring, really, can't get a decent photo. Or video, for that matter.

WINNER: I couldn't decide so I kept them both and asked someone else. They said that Subspace would probably win the fight, but would be badly injured and would probably have to retire from plug fighting.

Subspace Plugs and Entanglement Plugs are available in the shop in a variety of colours, sizes 8mm / 0g up to 20mm / ~3/4". There'll be more colours coming soon, followed by a raft of customisable options. Maybe we go bigger as well. Yes. In the meantime, if you'd like these in any colours or sizes that aren't listed then send us a custom request and we'll see what we can do :)

Friday 4 January 2013

We've got some new types of custom artwork plugs in the shop, and thought that we'd bang on about them for a while.

First of all, and back by popular demand, we have Colour Custom Artwork Custom Plugs - wear your artwork in your ears . Available in 6mm (2g) - 30mm (1-3/16"). We use high-resolution images and high-quality inks for all our colour artwork.

Next up is the Metallic Chrome Artwork Custom Plugs - black artwork on a shiny, chromey colour of your choice (Silver, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple and Blue). Available in 8mm (0g) - 24mm (1" Small).

Last, but not least, there's the Glitter and Flash Artwork Custom Plugs - black artwork on either glitter (so many colours) or flashy iridescent backgrounds (also lots of colour). Available in 8mm (0g) - 24mm (1" Small)

Not only do we offer those types of artwork custom plugs, but we still make Constellation Plugs (your favourite person or thing as a constellation)(left) and the Metallic Artwork Custom Plugs (black artwork against a pearly-metallic background of pearl, silver, gold or champagne) (right).

Got some artwork you fancy wearing but not sure how it will look on plugs? We offer a free mock-up service, with no obligation to buy, so you can make sure you're happy with them. All you need to do is make a custom request on any product page, or by using this handy form here.