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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Expanding the Pick N Mix Custom Plugs - Part One

We wanted to expand the Glitter Pick N Mix a bit, but found it a bit overwhelming to go through, plus it's a bit hard to envisage what each type would look like when they're done. And we didn't want to go through the palaver of learning Flash for what would have been a nifty interactive interface, because we'd much rather make plugs.

What we'll be doing, slowly but surely, is making a seperate listing for each pattern type that'll be accompanied by nice previews of what the finished result would look like. Tis a bit of a process, but we have already have new, expanded listings for

We'll be bringing out some new textures/glitters/shiny things once we've done all the patterns, and there'll be a couple of new patterns as well, maybe even some different colour patterns -- who knows?